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Birch Executive Team

We firmly believe in executive involvement in all our client engagement and ongoing relationships. Our executive team has more than 100 years of collective experience working in the technology sector and, more specifically, in channels.

Tony White, President & CEOTony White | CEO

I started Birch with John Barkaway in 1992. At the time I worked at Hewlett Packard and was challenged with the prospect of selling support through the channel. That project led to the "support in a box" concept and all the way through, I was constantly surprised at the challenges presented by working with the channel. John and I decided to set up the company to focus on taking the pain out of managing partner programs for manufacturers and the company was born. After solving the thorny question of the company name (Birch was the name of the street John lived on), we set about winning our first client. Over the next few years we worked with Hewlett Packard, CISCO and Microsoft on a range of programs in the channel space and began to build reusable solutions to manage their partner rebates, discounts and incentives.

Now, nearly 20 years later I am still with the company as Managing Director, my original partner retired and spends most of his time on a golf course. The company has evolved to provide a global solution for clients ranging from Sales Analysis through to Accreditation management. The team has grown and many of them have been with me for over 10 years, building our experience and capabilities. I still spend as much time as I can working with clients, I still get a buzz out of finding solutions for them and building long term relationships with them. Over my time at Birch I have worked with many technology vendors and continue to strive to meet and work with many more.

Outside the office I enjoy family, wine, rugby and photography but not necessarily in that order. Any time available at weekends is taken up by grand kids, London Irish RFC (c’mon you oirish), enjoying a glass (or two) of red wine or trying to capture that elusive great shot.

Evan Christensen, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

I have worked with and for Birch since the company was founded in 1992, first as a client and now in the later years in the role as Managing Director for the Asia Pacific division of Birch Worldwide. Our office is based in Singapore - the city state I have come to appreciate as my home for more than 10 years now. My career in channel marketing was kicked off by joining Hewlett-Packard in Denmark (I am a Danish national). After a few years with HP in Denmark I was asked to move to HP's European HQ in Geneva, Switzerland and then again a few years later to join the HP Asia Pacific HQ in Hong Kong. In all my years working for HP my job was always focused on helping channel partners in various countries develop and expand their businesses through proactive channel marketing. Looking back on my professional experience I think it is fair to say that I have good and well founded understanding of channel business and marketing in Europe as well as in Asia Pacific. 

I have the good fortune to have a wife who is as enthusiastic about hi-tech and IT in general as I am, so we can spend a lot of time together with our common hobby. Apart from that I enjoy reading and writing science fiction.

Dave Griffiths, Global Account Director

I joined Birch Worldwide in January 2009, having spent the previous 7 years as Managing Director of the UK sales operation of a Global company. The company was selling a commodity product across a whole spectrum of different sales channels including corporate, mail order and retail. Prior to that I spent more than 20 years with Hewlett-Packard where my last position was UK Channel Marketing Manager. In this position I was able to see firsthand how some channel programs were more effective than others and how important it is to nurture your “rising starts” in the channel.

The most important thing I learned to be successful is you need a portfolio of programs that stimulate different parts of the channel and create mutual benefit for the partner and the vendor.

In my spare time I like to read, play golf, cycle and swim. I was born in Liverpool and I’m still an avid fan of the football team even though I haven’t lived there for many years. I also love to travel.