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Channel Solutions

Birch tools and processes have continually evolved through meeting our clients' exacting requirements.  Our people and culture are focussed on making a difference to our client programs, 24-by-7, globally.

In order to achieve maximum engagement from a channel partner network, there are 3 elements that must work in harmony: people, processes and applications. 

Birch Channel Applications have been built in-house and have evolved over 20 years of channel program delivery.  Our web based tools operate in any time zone with an uptime of over 99%.

You can trust in our robust environment.

Birch Channel Processes are aligned to enhance the ease of doing business with the channel partner community.  Birch simplicity increases program engagement while maintaining effective control.

Birch Channel Operations is the team of permanent employees based in 3 regions:  Europe, Asia-Pacific and The Americas.  Our team provides each client program with specifically trained and dedicated resources, working in local languages and with local channel knowledge.

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