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Channel Rebates

Channel Rebates as a form of Channel Investment are a vital element to ongoing relationships between vendors and their direct partners.  Contractual Rebate Programs are reliant on underlying inbound data accuracy, validation, calculation and efficient payment.

The Birch Worldwide Channel Rebate Solution allows vendors to manage partner rebates, regardless of complexity.  The tool provides the ability to include timed, behavioural, product specific, bundling or accreditation criteria as part of rebate calculations.

Some key features of the Birch Worldwide Channel Rebate solution;

  • Management of data collection and validation
  • Management of eligibility criteria
  • Calculation of rebate using complex algorithms
  • Management of the rebate approval process
  • Global Payment Management in Multiple Currencies
  • Fully compliant accounting reporting
  • Multilingual, Local Partner Helpdesk

Channel Rebate Programs using Birch Worldwide Solutions and Services benefit from:

  • Accurate and timely payment of global rebates in desired currencies
  • Ability to use eligibility criteria and validated data in rebate modelling
  • Flexibility to easily alter eligibility criteria to maximise effectiveness of other channel activities